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30th March 2020 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are required?
Counselling can be both short term and long term depending on your reasons for seeking support. If you are seeking help with changing thoughts or behaviours, a minimum of six sessions might be suggested. For those seeking help with complex or trauma experiences, sessions numbering upwards of twelve might be more useful. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' amount - instead it is down to the child, teenager or adult and their circumstances.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions offered?
The number of sessions will be reviewed on a regular basis and I would always encourage the client to decide when they feel they are ready to end their counselling sessions. However, there will sometimes be monetary constraints within education which may limit the amount of funds available to support an individual client.

When are sessions available?
If you are considering working with me, I always suggest meeting for an initial 50 minute assessment session. This is as much for you to assess whether counselling with me is right for you, as it is for me to check whether I can be of help to you. There is absolutely no pressure to continue having counselling: if you come for the first session and decide that you are not ready to seek counselling just yet or I am not the right counsellor for you.

Sessions (subject to availability) are Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30 and 3pm and week day evenings from 6pm until 8pm.

The charge for the initial assessment is 25. Ongoing sessions are 40 or 45 for an Animal Assisted Therapy session.

What is AAT and is this available to me?
I introduced AAT - Animal Assisted Therapy - to enhance and compliment the therapy offered at Rachel Clark Counselling. Being around animals can improve a person's mental, social and emotional functioning: sometimes just stroking and patting an animal can have a calming and relaxing affect. Chester, my Golden Retriever, is available to be in session with those young people and adults who feel they might be benefit from his warmth and affection. Please contact me for more details.

Do you offer counselling by phone, FaceTime or Skype?
I work in and around Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford and Newark but understand that it is not always often practical or possible for clients to manage face to face sessions. In these circumstances, counselling sessions by phone, FaceTime or Skype may be arranged. Sometimes clients choose an initial assessment session by Skype follows by face to face work. Its about what suits you as the client.

Will the contents of the sessions be shared with others including schools, GP's and/or parents?
All sessions are confidential whether I am working with a child, young person or adult and no information is shared with anyone else including members of a school team or parents. I will only breach confidentiality if I feel my client is a risk to themselves or someone else; if I suspect they are part of any illegal activity or if I am called before a court of law.

Counselling is a positive step to take and really can change lives and save lives.